I want to create jewelry that is timeless, ageless and helps women feel confident, and free to express their uniqueness.

Creating beautiful things has always been my passion. After studying fine arts for many years, I wondered into fashion design in college. Now I have turned my obsession into making jewelry. Nature, sculpture, fiber arts, painting, architecture and photography, along with the wonder of craft, inspire me. There is a world of creativity that wows me everyday. Every season I will take fresh inspiration to create a new collection, and each collection will be limited edition.

Beyond making beautiful things, it is important to make the world a better place and find meaning in my art. Every year A Nod To Design will partner with a non-profit organization, donating 5% of every sale. In 2020 we are teaming up with The Oregon Food Bank to make sure no one suffers from being hungry.

Let's empower ourselves and make this world a better place together!



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